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The impact of COVID related subsidies on disability income insurance
by Ted Voges (Australia)
15 April 2021

Understand how COVID-related Government payments and relief measures have impacted the financial assessment of disability income benefits, both from an underwriting and claims perspective

Targeted attendees

All Underwriters & Claims Assessors (Only first 20 mins applicable to New Zealand participants)


​​​​​​Measures impacting aspects of our financial assessments:

  • Jobkeeper (Australia)/Wage subsidy (NZ)
  • Cashflow Boost (Australia only)
  • Jobmaker Hiring Credit and JobTrainer Subsidy (Australia only)
  • Depreciation and asset write-off concessions (Australia and NZ)

In respect of each of the above mentioned measures:

  • Summary of the background and detail around each measure, including eligibility, $-value of the support and assessment periods affected
  • Which customer types are affected? Employees vs Self-employed
  • Accounting treatment and examples
  • Proposed philosophy in respect of underwriting and claims assessments, including case studies and P&L examples
  • Other factors to consider
15 April 2021 AET (Australian Eastern Time)